Results Business Management provides hands on Business, Commercial and Financial management support for business owners and c-suite officers to implement business improvement strategies.

Results Business Management works closely with the business using a “hands on” approach, to either support the existing finance accountant/manager to meet short term demands, or filling a skills gap. 

    Results Business Management differentiates itself from other consultants by delivering results driven, tangible outcomes that are embedded into the business hence the value continues long after Results Business Management has concluded the engagement.
    Results Business Management has been delivering business results since July 2014.

    Whilst the business is young the principal consultant and founder Randal Brooks has been implementing business strategy for both large global corporations and smaller family business for nearly 30 years.

    Results Business Management has been involved in both short term and long term engagements and has delivered a number of business results including but not limited to:

    • Providing Chief Financial Officer services on a retainer basis
    • Delivering customer and product profitability assessments
    • Generating commercial viability assessments on the development of new revenue streams    
    • Designing and implementing a suite of business intelligence and management reporting tools
    • Designing and implementing Quote to Cash and Procurement to Cash process
    Results Business Management has delivered business results in a number of industry segments including

    • Information Technology and Communications
    • Professional Services
    • Logistics
    • Manufacturing
    • Agribusiness

    Randal Brooks is a Chartered Accountant who has 30 years experience in supporting executives to implement business strategy and build business intelligence, therefore increasing their confidence in managing the business and making business decisions.

    Randal holds a Degree in Economics and is a member of the Australian Institute of Chartered Accountants, a member of the Edwardstown Regional Business Association and is on the judging panel for the 2016 Food Industry Awards.

    Over the years Randal has worked with a number of global organisations such as KPMG, a global accountant and consultant firm; Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications company with an international reach and Hewlett Packard (previously Electronic Data Systems) one of the largest computer services company in the world. Randal has also worked with smaller family businesses and has been successful in implementing the sophistication of large global organisations, without limiting the agility of the smaller enterprise.


    As an accountant, Randal has expertise in:

    • Finance operations management and business risk identification
    • Process documentation, analysis and improvement
    • Developing business models to enable “What If” analysis
    • Development of business intelligence and corporate dashboards
    • Designing and implementing Activity Based Costing systems
    • Product and customer profitability analysis
    • Strategic planning and business plan compilation


    People say that Randal is innovative in his approach to problem solving and commercial in his thinking. He is able to identify areas of greatest value and is customer focused. But most of all, Randal is able to add value to businesses by delivering solutions that work.


    Results Business Management specialises in the design and implementation of Business, Financial and Commercial Management processes.

    Results Business Management works closely with the business using a “hands on” approach, to either augment existing resources meeting short term demands, or filling a skills gap.