What if you were able to see whether your business strategy was working?
What if you could have information that enabled you to make decisions with confidence?
Implement Results Business Management business strategy tools and processes and have your strategy become part of the business’ DNA. Be able to see what impact disruption, competitive forces or changing macro-economic conditions will have on your business.




It doesn’t matter what strategy you have if it isn’t delivered by the business. Work with Results Business Management to make your business strategy operational. Link all of the business capabilities to each other and to the strategy. Understand what you need to do well and measure it.

Make your strategy part of your business DNA by using Integrated Business Planning. IBP connects your business capabilities to make sure your strategy gets traction. Understand how decisions made in one part of your business affect the other. Using Results Business Management strategy model, the linking of your Vision, Mission, Core Values to Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators means this business insight can fit onto one page. This corporate dashboard can be displayed throughout your business and means that people in the business always know what they need to do. This is a valuable tool especially for people on remote sites.


Results Business Management knows that businesses need to be constantly reviewing their situation analysis and competitive forces. Having a rolling financial forecasting capability embeds this review process.

Would your business be able to react fast enough to a new entrepreneur causing in your market or would you only do something when it is too late? If your business strategy is not working do you know what the impact is going to be? Using Results Business Management as a business coach you will learn how to use and implement business strategy management tools and processes which is the first step in integrating your business strategy with business operations. Rolling forecasts are always making you think about your business. Results Business Management can develop business intelligence that shows the actual business performance against forecast and help formulate a performance management plan if required.


Results Business Management will document your business model architecture to assess the compatibility of your strategic goals with your current business capabilities.

Results Business Management will work with you as a business facilitator to develop a strategic plan, if you don’t already have one, construct activity maps and business models and then apply heat mapping to identify areas within your business that are influencing your strategy implementation. Most business’ downfall is that they try to implement a strategy that the business is not capable of doing eg., implementing an on-line sales strategy without having IT resources either in-house or out-sourced. Understanding your capabilities through Activity Based Management and seeing how they match to your strategy is a must to have a pathway to business and profit improvement. For start-ups this is an essential part of the business accelerator process.


Results Business Management will construct an economic model based on well established capital budgeting and cost benefit analysis techniques to assess what will be the likely outcome of your planned investment under different scenarios.

Every business works hard to accumulate or raise cash. Every dollar invested should be working to increase the wealth of the business. Using a net present value and economic value add approach Results Business Management can determine whether the investment or capital acquisition adds value to the business and increases business owner wealth. Having this knowledge is integral to the capital investment decision making process. Economic modelling enables you to see the change in value of the business as a result of the investment and how various methods of funding eg., debt vs equity or a combination of both impacts your ROI ie., return on your investment.


Results Business Management specialises in the design and implementation of Business, Financial and Commercial Management processes.

Results Business Management works closely with the business using a “hands on” approach, to either augment existing resources meeting short term demands, or filling a skills gap.